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Today we have a special treat, an interview with the Dominion guild Errant Unit. Some quick information from their website:

Guild Website: http://www.errant-unit.com
Guild Charter: http://www.errant-unit.com/charter
Focus: Casual PvX
Faction: Dominion
Location: International
Recruiting: Open
Errant Unit is a casual international Dominion guild created for WildStar. We welcome players who share our values of community, respect, and teamwork.

I had the opportunity to trade emails and tweets with Kurik Lein, who will be appearing this week on another fan podcast, Nexus Weekly, run by our pal Gray. Head over there and check it out. In our conversations  I put together a few guild-specific questions for Kurik and crew, and got some really great responses. Who knows, maybe we’ll get Kurik on WSR sometime soon to answer more questions – or better yet – YOUR questions! So, without further adieu, I present to you WSR’s first fan interview:

WSR: Does Errant Unit have a primary game that you’re currently playing in these lean pre-launch times?

KL/EU: Not yet. We’re currently looking at and trying out a few games to see what works for us. In previous pre-release communities, I know it can be hard to get into something other than what you’re waiting for, in this case, WildStar. There are a couple games on the horizon like Marvel Heroes that we’re interested in.
WSR: What guild-oriented features are you most hoping will make it into the game?

KL/EU: Our resident graphic artist Guide would love the ability to set our own custom guild logos. Stock images are limited and can only go so far. Players would definitely feel more pride displaying something they created on their gear.

With housing being a focus for WildStar, something for guilds is something we’d really like to see. If not our own guild hall or structure, maybe allowing us to have our houses near other members or friends like a neighborhood would be pretty awesome.

Other features like a calendar allowing us to set our own events and a guild bank with plenty of settings for permissions would be highly appreciated as well.


WSR: Do you anticipate Errant Unit having a focus on a particular aspect of the game (PvP, PvE, RP, Commerce…)?

KL/EU: At this time no but we’ll try to do a little bit of everything to see what we like. Being big fans of housing I have a feeling that whatever provides rewards and trophies for it will be very popular with the guild. It’s great to see a MMO where housing will be present right at launch and not as an afterthought.


WSR: Do you think Errant Unit be participating in organized, player-driven, activities like Settler co-op?

KL/EU: Definitely, the paths system encourages us to play together and we really appreciate that in a MMO. All of our members before the guild was created were involved with the WildStar community, so anything that brings players together is something we’re really excited about.


WSR: What sort of activities does the Errant Unit membership enjoy doing currently to pass the time before launch? (Dance parties on Vaiken Spacedock… raids on Orgrimmar…)

KL/EU: We love to discuss things and interact with the community at WildStar Central. There is a great group of people there who are also very enthusiastic about WildStar. On the guild side of things we’re working on Errant Unit’s backstory so we can do some light roleplay. Hopefully it won’t be long until the Dominion is revealed so we can start to ramp things up.

WSR: Are you part of a multi-game community / multi-game guild? If so, what games do you have chapters in currently? If not, what games do your members play while biding their time?

KL/EU: Errant Unit was created for WildStar so it will be our focus. We may get into other games from time to time but not as separate chapters. Currently, we are playing games like Guild Wars 2 and Torchlight 2 to pass the time. We are also looking forward to playing Marvel Heroes and Defiance once they come out.


WSR: Have you been in contact with any other Wildstar guilds? If so, how have those discussions gone?

KL/EU: Yes, a couple of guilds on WildStar Central, one being an unnamed EU guild and the other being Serenity, a newly named Exiles guild. Discussions have been good so far and also silly due to the faction rivalry. As we progress further into the year, we hope to see more guilds and other MMO communities join in.


WSR: Are you actively recruiting? If so, what are your requirements?

KL/EU: Yes, Errant Unit is recruiting; we will be casual, international, and side with the Dominion. We are looking for members who are not only enthusiastic about WildStar but also interacting with the community. We want our tag to be viewed as friendly and mature as we knock out content in a relaxed, yet steady pace. If this interests someone they can check our charter and fill out an application on our site.

And there you have it! We would, of course, welcome any questions that you, our fellow Nexians (Nexusians? Nexans? I like that… and I bet Carla will too) have, and will be sure to pass them on.

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  1. Thanks again, we really appreciate it! :)

  2. Nice interview Kurik! Good luck on your guild

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