Jan 222013

Courtenay Taylor (IMDB) confirmed via Twitter last week that she is indeed doing voice acting for Carbine Studios’ upcoming MMO, Wildstar. Fans of BioWare’s Mass Effect series will recognize her from the second and third installments, where Courtenay voiced the role of Jack, aka Subject Zero, aka Jennifer, the “psychotic biotic” companion of and possible love interest to the main player character, Commander Shepard. A complex character who was easy to love and hate at the same time, Ms. Nought (as she was also known) was an extremely well written and complex character who really came to life under Ms. Taylor’s talent.

When she took on the role of Jack, Courtenay was already no stranger to the video game industry and its voracious need for quality voice acting. She has made numerous other BioWare appearances, particularly in the Star Wars games they have produced. Courtenay played Juhanni in the well-loved and critically successful 2003 hit Knights of the Old Republic, as well as several minor characters in the follow-up MMO the Old Republic, released in 2011. She has been a voice for Activision’s Skylanders title, as well as Activision/Blizzard’s World of Warcraft and Diablo III. Other titles she has voiced include Guild Wars 2, Resident Evil, Dragon Age: Origins, and others.

What role will she be playing in the highly anticipated upcoming Wildstar franchise? We don’t know yet – but we’re eagerly waiting for news.  While I didn’t romance the Jack character in my two main playthroughs (I chose Ash and Liara for my Soldier and Adept, respectively), I did load an ME2 save and went that route this past weekend after hearing the news.  If Courtenay brings one tenth of the intensity of Jack to Wildstar, we’re in for a treat.


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