Nov 082015

Wildstar eyepiece

This week we get the gang back together and do a special episode of Wildstar Radio! Welcome to Casual Core Radio, where we talk about MMOs and oh, nope, just Wildstar today because this is Wildstar Radio!

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Ten Ton Hammer Article on Returning

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This week’s end music is Justice Doesn’t Always Wear a Badge by Jeff Kurtenacker from Wildstar.

Jun 152015

Wildstar Warfront

X represents one ability that performs the listed CC

* means the CC is Tier 4+ only

** means the CC is Tier 8 only

() is used as a grouping to make it easier to read many asterisks. The asterisks apply to all the X’s in the parentheses.


Engineer Stalker Warrior Medic Spellslinger Esper
Stun X X X X
Knockdown X X X
Knockback X
Snare XXX (XXXX)** XXX X* X** X (XX)** X X (XX)** X (XX)*
Root X** (XX)* X** X X** X X X
Tether X X
Push X** X X*
Pull X** X X
Disorient X
Blind X X X**
Subdue X


Dec 202014

This week, Carla, Seamus, and Drew say their goodbyes to the wonderful community that brought them so much joy throughout their time here. Find out what each of them will be doing next, and stay for the end for bloopers from many episodes!

Much love to all of our listeners. We did this for you, and we would do it again. Hope to see y’all again soon!

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Aug 292014


A group going by the name of LizardSquad has been taking down various online gaming networks via DDoS attacks, as well as web sites, over the past few weeks:

  • Playstation Network
  • Battle.Net
  • NCSoft (Guild Wars 2 and Wildstar)
  • League of Legends
  • Runescape
  • Twitch
  • Tumblr
  • etc…

LizardSquad’s motivation for these attacks is to fight against corporate greed (with a tad of attention seeking throw into the mix),  based on their comments on Twitter and Reddit.  They have gained national attention as well as the eye of the FBI.  The FBI seized the domain earlier this week, but the LizardSquad seems confident they won’t get caught. Only time will tell if their confidence in their anonymity skills are up to the challenge.

Thus far, LizardSquad has shown no indication of letting up on the pace of their attacks so the dedicated fans of the various online games will still have to suffer.  The game companies also have to take on additional cost of staffing to handle the attacks, possible account cancellations, as well as possibly purchasing DDoS protection services from companies such as Prolexic.

LizardSquad, as well as other groups that target online gaming, need to be taken seriously as they can ruin the gaming experience for everyone!

I’ll be providing updates as the attacks progress and, as always, please leave a comment or opinion.

Aug 252014
Enemy territory This week Drew and Seamus are without Carla, but they talk at length about the awesome gear changes, the attunement changes, the rune slot changes, and more!

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Aug 132014
tonyfunny This week Carla and Seamus are sans Drew, but are joined by Seamus’ guildmate, Guffah! They discuss a world-first Datascape kill, Gamescom, PAX Prime cosplay, PvP class changes, housing, Carbine’s addictions, and more!

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Aug 122014
 sabotage2 This week Carla, Drew, and Seamus discuss some new info of Update 3, some of the PvP gear solutions that are incoming, how to make a spiral staircase, and more! Also, Drew and Seamus get really technical with PvP gear stat theorycrafting.

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Jul 312014
sabotage This week Carla, Drew, and Seamus talk about the new addons they love, they discuss the news, and they talk honestly about some of the things that bother them right now in Wildstar. Don’t worry, we still love the game and are playing it with the kind of rabid passion y’all are used to!

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